Welcome to Duloc is a song that is only sung in Shrek. The song is reprised in Scared Shrekless with scarier lyrics.


Welcome to Duloc

Such a perfect town.

Here we have some rules

Let us lay them down.

Don't make waves, stay in line and we'll get along fine

Duloc is a perfect place.

Please keep off of the grass

Shine your shoes, wipe your...face

Duloc is...Duloc is...Duloc is a!

Scared Shrekless Lyrics

Welcome to Duloc

It's a creepy town.

What was once pristine

Now it's all run down.

We will chop off your head and then laugh when you're dead

Duloc is a creepy place.

Come on in, what the heck

Fall right down, break your... face

Duloc is... Duloc is... Duloc is a cree-py... place!


The song is a parody of the Disneyland attraction It's a Small World, which is often criticized for its repetitiveness.

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