The whopping snakes are one of the current rare species owned by the Burnish Industries.


The whopping snakes are green-colored elongated, legless reptiles with large black googly eyes. They look like regular snakes, but they do "whopp" sounds and move their head up and down resembling the whack-a-mole game.


There's not a lot known about the whopping snakes, beside they seem like very friendly creatures.


At one point in the movies the snakes are introduced into the office of Mr. Burnish by Dr. Zara and they start to whop and move their heads out through the holes of the cages, followed by Mr. Burnish trying to hit them on their head with his hiking pick, then is stopped by Zara. Throughout the movie one of the movie snakes appears as a running gag around the minions of the Burnish industries, one of them even is a reference to the song "Whoop there it" is by Tag Team.


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