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"Wind" is the twenty-second episode of Dinotrux.


During a particularly windy day in The Crater, Ton-Ton's antics begin to get on Dozer's nerves more than usual, leading him to propose a build to keep the Ankylodump occupied. The Trux and Reptools soon set about building a halfpipe for Ton-Ton, but the wind proves to be foreshadowing of a massive windstorm that forces the group to take refuge in The Garage. They are forced to remain inside with limited space and a similarly limited food supply, which soon begins to wear on the Trux and tools. In particular, Ton-Ton continues to aggravate Dozer, particularly when he eats what little Ore remains to the entire group in a single meal.

Left desperate for food, the Trux hit upon a a strategy to convert Ton-Ton's halfpipe into a mobile shelter, but it requires both Dozer and Ton-Ton's cooperation to make it work. Fortunately, the pair are able to work together, overcoming the various obstacles to reach the Ore Station. Once the two make it safely back to the Garage, Ace questions how they'll address the issue of needing water. As all eyes turn to Dozer, he quickly refuses to be involved.