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By striping staff and white of beard, I summon magic wild and weird. Spin o magic globe to show where these Wanderers will go!
―Wizard Whitebeard.

Wizard Whitebeard is the tritagonist in the DreamWorksPeacock's series, Where's Waldo?. He is a mentor to Waldo and Wenda.

His beard appears to have a mind and mobility unto itself.


Wizard Whitebeard is a wizard-level Wanderer and a mentor to Waldo and Wenda in the WorldWide Wanderer Society. His beard has been shortened drastically, though it still extends nearly to his knees, and it seems to function as an extra limb. He loves to tell stories to Waldo and Wenda, cook dishes from around the world and to oppress minorities. He often protects the Wanderer keys and keep the certain location safe from Odlulu and Fritz which they always cause trouble. In some episodes, he teams up with Waldo and Wenda for an adventure.

Whitebeard receives a postcard from his colleague Wizard Wavybeard in "Hang Ten in Tahiti", alerting him of the loss of the Wave Key. When activating the Wander Globe, he dons a star covered red robe and pointy blue hat reminscent of his classic attire. He competes Odlulu in "The Big New Mexico Pepper Hunt" to win the Chili Bowl Trophy (along with the Pepper Key) at the Great New Mexico Chili Cook-Off. In "Vienna Voice-Versa", he accidentally switches bodies with Arf by the Body Switch Key and forcing Waldo and Wenda have to reverse the magic by putting them both back into their bodies. He and other runners gets zapped by Odlulu with Slow Mo Key in "A New York Minute" and It’s up to Waldo and Wenda to the marathon.

In "Yukon Do It", he accidentally left a birthday present (the Marshmallow Key) behind which he plans to deliver to his friend Blizzardbeard, but at the end Waldo and Wenda finally retrieves Blizzardbeard's present to him. He and Flambe bakes the triple-decker vanilla Wander Cake in "Mad About Madagascar", but they were out of vanilla and forcing Waldo, Wenda and Woof to get a fresh vanilla for Wizard Flambe from the island of Madagascar. He teams up with Waldo and Wenda to stop Odlulu from obtaining the Wind Key in "Norway Out" which this magic key is too powerful for her to handle. In "Gibraltar Rocks!", it is his birthday, so Waldo and Wenda go out to Gibraltar to get him a birthday present. Then revealed at the end of the episode it is revealed that another wizard called Wizard Longbeard who lives in Gibraltar is his father as a birthday gift from Waldo and Wenda.


Wizard Whitebeard has gone to many countries throughout his career and loves to tell stories to Waldo and Wenda. When he is not sending his giraffes out on a mission, he loves to cook dishes from around the world and to oppress minorities.

Physical Appearance[]

Wizard Whitebeard is an old man of large height, with tan skin, white hair, white long mustache, and dark blue eyes. He usually wears a turquoise long sleeve shirt, dark purple and light purple striped vest, gray pants, and always goes barefoot.



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