Wo Hop is a rabbit from the Heilongjiang province who succeeded in attaining the title of "Master" (or Chef) in the field of cooking. His first and only appearance so far has been in Kung Fu Panda Holiday.



Wo Hop was friendly upon meeting the Dragon Warrior, saying it was an honor to be considered as head chef for the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. After Po accidentally rejected and disgraced Wo Hop, however, the rabbit later confronted Po and challenged him to a fight, saying it was the only way to restore his honor, even if it meant he would lose his life. Despite his several attempts to fight and his lack of listening to reason, Wo Hop did offer Po a bit of advice when the panda relayed his stress about guilt and his father, with Wo Hop telling him "Sometimes they love us too much".

Though his continued attacks were still a nuisance to the panda, Wo Hop also assisted Po in preparing for Winter Feast, albeit only since he was told his "death with honor" wouldn't be considered unless he did so. Later, Wo Hop tried to attack Po once again, only to be offered the Golden Ladle, which Wo Hop graciously accepted, his honor restored as he thanked Po for the gift.

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