The World's Best Mom mirror is Tip's Christmas present to her mom. Lucy just had it given to her by Tip and was about to open it when the Boov invaded Earth; and separates the two.

When Tip and Pig left the safety of their apartment and headed out to start their search for Lucy Tucci, Tip took the still wrapped present with her; so she could give it to her (again) when she finds her. Tip nearly left it behind and was about to get it when a Boov came in the apartment, fortunately her "Boov trapped" gave her opportunity to retrieve and leave with it; without being seen.

When the Boov, Oh went to give the "Shusher" back to the Gorg Commander, Tip realized that he couldn't see or hear Oh, so she got her mother to open her present; knowing that it could help them. Lucy wasn't sure why Tip wanted her to open her Christmas present when a spaceship was slowing destroying the planet, she still opens it and was touched by it. As the words on frame and her reflection in the small mirror lets her know that she is the "World's Best Mom" to Tip. Tip then used the mirror to catch the sun's light and shined it towards the Gorg, as she lets him know that Oh is trying to return what was stolen from him by Captain Smek; and that his ship was about to run him over.


  • Tip had gotten the idea to get the Gorg's attention with the mirror from On, for when he had used her hand mirror to stop her from seeing the "wanted posters" of him; even when she had thought that he was trying to distract her while driving.


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