Xee (voiced by Heather Doerksen in the US and Teresa Gallagher in the UK) is a female Reptool character from the Dinotrux series introduced in season six/season one of Dinotrux Supercharged.


In "Xee", Xee encounters Revvit, Click-Clack, and Waldo after the three end up in a forest where she has been living due to being blown there on part of a weather vane they had been building. She appears riding on the back of a Scraptor, and demonstrates impressive abilities in controlling the creatures or fighting them. Xee helps the three construct an aircraft as a means of getting back to their home in the Crater. She also extends an invitation for Revvit-a former lone adventurer like herself-to join her, but is turned down. However, she then decides to join the community at the Garage, and is welcomed by Trux and tools alike.



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