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“Xee (episode)”
Season 6, Episode 6
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"D-Stroy (episode)"

"Xee" is the fifty-eighth episode of Dinotrux and the sixth episode of season six, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


After the Trux are caught in a hailstorm, Revvit proposes the construction of a weather vane to enable the group to be aware of changes in the weather ahead of time. Once the work is mostly complete, Ace and the Trux leave the male Reptools to finish up the project. However, a strong wind causes the top of the vane to detach from the support structure and fly off with the trio aboard, and eventually lands in a forest on the outskirts of the Crater. The three Reptools soon find themselves at the mercy of a pack of Scraptors, only for one to show up being ridden by a female Reptool. After handily defeating and driving off the predators, the newcomer introduces herself as Xee.

With Xee's help and ideas, the three Reptools are able to use the parts of their weather vane and natural elements to construct a helium filled dirigible with which to make their way home. Zee accompanies them, helping to fend off Scraptors, Scrapadactyls, and Slamtools along the way. Inspired by her example, Revvit is reminded fondly of his own days as a solo adventurer, and is invited by Xee to join her. However, after saving Xee from the out-of-control craft and evading more Scraptors with her help, Revvit realizes that he is a different tool now than he once was. Instead, Xee accepts his invitation to join them and the Trux living at the Garage.





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