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Yasmina Fadoula is one of the tritagonists in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.


Official Description[]

Meet Yaz, a rising star in the track-and-field world and only at camp because she’s sponsored by Jurassic World. She’s tough, sarcastic, and an utter loner. Slow to open up to other people, she’s hesitant to make friends with her fellow campers. But when things start to go astray, Yaz finds herself warming up to the others and doing whatever it takes to help everyone survive.


In the beginning, Yasmina is sarcastic and gruff. She is shown to have a romantic relationship towards Sammy.

Physical Appearance[]

Yasmina has brown eyes and long dark brown hair with a ponytail. She wears white socks and dark gray running shoes purple patterns. She wears a gray jacket and dark gray sport shorts with purple lines.

She wears a purple one-piece swimsuit with pink stripes on both sides.



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