Z is the protagonist in Antz. He is a worker ant and is voiced by actor, comedian, writer, and director Woody Allen.


In the film, Z is a worker ant in the ant colony in Central Park New York City. One day Z visits a Psychologist Ant and tells him that he believes he was not cut out to be a worker and that his job is a problem because he's uncomfortable around crowds and that he believes that there's something else better out there in the world but maybe he thinks too much. He also tells the Psychologist that he had a very anxious childhood because his mother never had time for him because he was the middle child in a family of 5 million and his father was a drone ant who flew away when Z was just a larva. Z finally tells the Psychologist that he needs to believe in a better place or else he'll just curl up in a larva pesition and weep and that the whole system makes him feel insignificent to which the Psychologist tells Z that he is insignificent. After his meeting with the Psychologist Z returns to his worker routine and meets up with his workgirl friend Azteca who tells Z that she loves her work. Then Z and Azteca are assigned with other worker ants on the recking ball and Azteca asks Z to help them to build a better colony and be happy about it to which Z says he will. During the recking ball sequence Z tries to hang onto the ball but because he's afraid of hights he accidently drops the ball to which Azteca replies Oh Z. And Z says Yes I understand. I droped the ball. After work Z goes to the workerbar with his soldier buddy Weaver and complains that Weaver's job as a soldier is way cooler than being a worker because Weaver can go out in the world and meet new insects and kill him, but Weaver thinks Z's job is better because Z gets to spend all day with the beautiful workergirls.

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