"Not with those!, this time we'll use my dice, got any problem with that?"
―Zaragoza to Tulio and Miguel

Zaragoza's Dice are a object featured in the film The Road to El Dorado, owned by sailor Zaragoza, similar to Tulio's Loaded Dice, with the differences being that Zaragoza's are normal dice.


The dice first appear when Zaragoza bets his Map to El Dorado to con artists Tulio and Miguel, after they cheated him and the other sailors out of their money using loaded dice, and a reluctant Tulio agrees to the bet after some convincing from Miguel, but when he was about to throw his dice, Zaragoza stopped him and suspecting that they were cheating, demanded them to use his dice, to which an angry Tulio agreed and throwed them and ironically showed seven, winning them the map and the gold.

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