Zarkon's Armor

Zarkon's Armor was a massive Robeast-like battlesuit created for Emperor Zarkon by Haggar to enable him to battle Voltron. There were some issues with its development, as various subjects who had tested the armor perished as a result; however, this did not deter Zarkon from entering the armor when the Defenders of the Universe dared to transport Galra Central Command through a Teludav after disabling it. Using it he was able to deflect the Castle of Lions' attack against him before engaging Voltron and later its component lions in savage combat. However, the armor was defeated after Shiro recovered the Black Bayard and used it to unlock the Blazing Sword of Voltron.

The armor was designed with abilities similar to Voltron, most notably the Black Lion's wings and a primary weapon unlocked by the Black Bayard. This allowed Zarkon to use a blade attached to the right arm as either a sword or as an extending chain weapon.

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