Performer: Dan Fogler
Appeared in: Kung Fu Panda


TJ "Timothy J Harris" is a laid-back yet fun-loving and friendly artist. His goal in life is to become one of the world's greatest artist. He would like to be a computer animator and a bodybuilding model. TJ is self-obssesed, often bragging about his muscular body and constantly flexing and showing off his muscles.

Though stubborn, rebellious and cheap he has proven to be rather other wise. He is very devoted to his friends and family and is extremely generous, to a fault. Though laid-back and at times lazy, he is actually cheery and energetic especially when excited. He is also shown to be athletic and very good at dodge ball and kickball though not really into sports. He can at times rather come off geeky and slightly clumsy. He is a self-proclaimed ladies man and chick magnet. Timothy also has a rather flirty, charming and romantic side. He can be extremely aggressive and overprotective.

It is revealed that he is an "old school" person only listening to 80's-90's music. TJ has a love-hate relationship with his brother though they deeply care for each other. He is shown to be aqua phobic due to nearly drowning.

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